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Work for me:

Requests Batch by ProSonicfriend Ree and me by Pika45me and ree chibi by Pika45me and ree avatar by Pika45friend Ree and me by Pika45me and ree again by Pika45Me by Pika45me and ree by Pika45Ree by Pika45PrincezzRee by CadeTheHedgehog

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My Fav Art Work (Some including my because i really like them !)

SonAmy ! :iconinloveplz:

:iconsonamyplz: & :iconsonamy3plz:

Them! Sonic X Amy!

SonAmy Banner by PrincezzRee

(faved)Sonic Couples (sonamymost!)! :heart:
:iconkillitwithfire::iconsonicthehedgehogplz: :iconluvluvplz: :iconamyroseplz::iconkillthatwithfire:

:iconkillitwithfire::icontailsplz: :iconluvluvplz: :iconcreamplz::iconkillthatwithfire:

:iconkillitwithfire::iconknucklesplz: :iconluvluvplz: :icontikalplz::iconkillthatwithfire:

:iconkillitwithfire::iconshadowthehedgehogplz: :iconluvluvplz: :iconrougethebatplz::iconkillthatwithfire:

:iconkillitwithfire::iconsilverthehedgehogplz: :iconluvluvplz: :iconprincessblazeplz::iconkillthatwithfire:

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PrincezzRee has started a donation pool!
0 / 2,000
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:star: Art trades, Collabs and Requests :star:

If you want to do an art trade and collabs with me than you can and requests maybe on hold.
However you'll know if they are not because under my ID there is a list of things that i want to do.
You'll know then how many people i can do at a time and if there is space available or not.
if there is no space left then you may ask me but you might wanna wait. But it is recommend to ask me when there are space.

Mostly do it with a friend in DA and met in real life as well. *but i can still do some with other people i dont know coz i not a meany (Sorry!) ^^; *

These are the options for requests:

:bulletblue: Sonic Characters (Inculding Fan Characters):

:clap: sketch * rough and can be in colour (optional choice)*
Practice: Female drawing by PrincezzRee
:typerhappy: sketch *not rough (clean) can be with colour (optional choice)*
Missing Parents Sketch by PrincezzRee
:heart: sketch *with background and can be with colour (optional choice)*

:heart: Couples (with out line, colour, detail shading, background and / or transparent background)*optional choice*
SonAmy Banner by PrincezzRee
:) Sonic & Friends (Or any other sonic character Or fan character or them on their own) with no background (with no details / with full details) *Including bits of background!!*
Gift: Happy Birthday Canas! by PrincezzRee (no details)
Gift: Yume Finitevus by PrincezzRee (full details)
:hug: Sonic & Friends (Or any other sonic character Or fan character or them on their own) not detailed & With background * Background not full detail*
Futuristic Hedgehog and a Firefly by PrincezzRee
:love: Sonic & Friends (Or any other sonic character Or fan character or them on their own) With Background *full detail*
First Sight by PrincezzRee
I can do more than one person in the drawing. If you really really really want more than one person Max is 5 people. I prefer drawing less people.

Ree + Crystal autumn fun by PrincezzRee
I can do a drawing with some or complete patterns. But you must give me the pattern so i know what design you want (could link it to me please!) and where you would like it. E.g. In the background or types of clothing.

Thank you for your time!!!


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United Kingdom
:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink: :iconpinkrose1plz::iconpinkrose2plz::iconpinkrose3plz::iconpinkrose4plz::iconpinkrose5plz::iconpinkrose6plz: :bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:

EDIT: 31st December 2013 (New Years Eve, 1 hour to go!) Closed! Open date: Unknown...
Requests - (details are on my commission list where you donate points.)
Person 1:
Person 2: :iconrb9: After giving details and ask questions if needed to. (On hold!)
Art Trades -
Person: (It's waiting for you!!!!)
Collabs -
Person: (It's waiting for some one to love it!!!!)

Remember to always ask me and if you have any questions then please do ask. i will always answer no matter what it is but i will not accept rude comments or something that may effect me or make me :pissedoff:. If that ever happens and your're on request / art trades / collabs list then automatically your name will come off and i will not do it for you even if i am in progress or finished it.

Thank you for reading this important information that may not be repeated a lot. but may come up on my journals.

Icon buddies! : :iconprincezzree::iconyume-the-lynx: / :iconayesha-97::iconprincezzree:

DA Family:

Sister: :icondaggerheartly: (I dont know how old she is but she said she is older than me.)
Big Brother: :iconmeowthman: AKA :iconmagimew:
Cousin: :iconghostydevin:
Brother: :iconkirby62626:
Little Sister: :iconyume-the-lynx:
Big Sister: :iconmephikal:
Big Brother ( 7 years younger than Meowthman) : :iconcadethehedgehog:
Little Sister: :iconproasha:
Big Sister ( 4 years younger than Mephikal ) : :iconsonicpokemonprincess:
Pet Dragat : :iconazuredreamrealm:
Little Sister: (1 year younger than prosha and same age as Yume-The-Lynx) :iconhugesonicfan:
Cousin: (2 years older than me!!!!):iconfrantoniorojas:
Pet Kittie: :iconstarmic: ( My :iconkittieplz: )
Baby Brother: :iconcookiejoe1:
My Real life Mauritian Sister: :iconayesha-97:
My Real life friend (Whoes now my cat! :P): :iconprincesssumanxx:

I Love You My Sweet Family!


:iconprincezzree: Scrapbook:…


Hey every one check out my gallery it's amazing and watch how i develop my drawing you can even watch my imagination in stories drawings and even my fan things! Read all of my stories to see adventures, look at my drawings for passion and when the time is right i will do animations i already tested one out but it's not that when i think my art is great and developed then i can try doing animations....:love:


Hope you viewers out there willl like / enjoy my stories, drawings and (soon will be) animations!
Until next time viewers!

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:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink: :iconpinkrose1plz::iconpinkrose2plz::iconpinkrose3plz::iconpinkrose4plz::iconpinkrose5plz::iconpinkrose6plz: :bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:

Could people help me on Youtube please i am new on that too. i started Youtube on the same day as i did here my website is below this message Thanks!
Sorry for being inactive when I said I was gonna give a surprise and I didnt do it before September. I'll explain why;

You see I have placement which means I go to school (since i am doing child care.) and to gain experience and to also understand the situations and learn an use them in my coursework. (I could go on forever if i had to.... XD)  So when I get home from placement, I fall asleep straight away; as in when I get home... onion head &quot;sleep&quot; I normally go to placement on Mondays and Tuesdays but sometimes i have block week which basically means that i go there for a full week and dont need to go to college. (Please keep in mind that my times are between 8:30am - 4:00pm. So i stay in school for that long.) 

So on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I go to college (Which is last year of high school in places like Australia or America.) On Wednesdays I finish at 2:30pm and would be home at around 3 - 3:30pm and on Fridays I finish at 12:50pm and I normally stay in college for an hour with my girls (Ayesha, Melissa, Amelia and Suman.)  so I would leave at 1:50pm and should be at home at around, 2:30pm - 3:00pm. Thursdays is a complete different day. :thunder:  I finish at 5:40pm which means I get home around 6:30pm - 7:00pm when dinner has been made when I get home, when I am desperate for a nap for a long day... :blank-stare: animated Keep in mind that in college I start at 9:00am for all of my college days. Like all the time I do.

So i have been needing to do coursework, placement work and personal statement for university. ( For those in places like Australia or America that means I am applying to college. But i know those out there live in those places and still know what university is anyways...)  Also filling in the application to it is a bit chaotic really since its the first time I've done this and I am not 100% sure if I know what I am doing or how to even go and pay everything and if I know if i am applying to the correct course.

I've recently been sick  on 3rd October 2014. I found out I had the flu and I am now better than I was. It was hard for me since the day before Eid is the day you have to fast so that you can pray for your wishes and it will come true and the sins will be forgotten. So i was fasting on the day i got sick and it wasnt fun. Only because i needed hot drinks to save my life, but i couldnt have the comfort... Jak Rolls Eyes so that was a thing. Well. It's also a thing since I've never had the flu before... I also rarely get sick and i am glad i am not always sick otherwise i'll always hate my life...

I dont know if you guys will actually care since i tried my hardest to be really active in the summer and that i've mentioned that i am working on a comic as part of one of my stories since i wanna try comics again. And this year is gonna be crazy for me without DA because of life itself.

But this year i had a dream....
This dream has now sadly been destroyed...  happy cry XD 
My dream was to draw at least one drawing and submit it on DA for 2014. I made a summary for the first time in my time in DA in 2013 (last year) and i saw that there were about 3 months of missing art. I didnt like posting those months up because there was nothing done during that time. But i still had to show it. 
So it was my dream to not let that happen. But now sadly there is no art for September... Pikachu crying plz 
Now i must live with this pain on this year's summary (since its a thing i wanna do now every year...) 

Oh well.... Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] 

Well i just explained things in my life. I just wanna say; if you read all of that then you are a super star and i am glad you reading the whole thing. Even if you didnt, i hope you have a clear idea and i still wanna thank you for reading it anyhow... 

This means I'll be gone for a very long time and I may not upload anything until Summer 2015 which is like nearly a whole year. But i will try to not do that and keep in touch in the holidays and weekends! 

But there are no promises....

P.S. Sorry about the surprises i was gonna bring in September. Since it's a September exclusive kind of thing. I'll have to wait until next year....
  • Mood: Remorse
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  • Reading: Personal Statement to apply to Universities...
  • Watching: Youtube Videos! :P
  • Playing: Finished Sonic Generations on 12/10/14
  • Eating: Had Dinner. It was Curry.
  • Drinking: Water... Like all humans have. XD

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